Covid 19 – our operating plans

We are happy to accept bookings for B&B and for the holiday cottage but following the impact of the Covid virus we are obliged to operate somewhat differently.

To help protect our guests and staff we will now only accept one party at a time.

A party being defined as one couple or a group of up to three couples. Where a group make a booking they do so on the basis that whilst in Edenwater House and its grounds they will accept responsibility for their conduct vis a vis social distancing among themselves. For group bookings we are happy to offer evening meals subject to prior arrangement. Service will be given according to the need for protection of both staff and guests.

NB: The B&B rooms and the self-catering cottage will be cleaned and sanitised prior to guests arrival but no room service will be given following arrival; the beds will not be made up and, excepting special circumstances, the rooms will not be cleaned during the guest’s stay. Thus guests will be obliged to make up their own beds, or not, as they see fit. Whilst this may prove to be a minor inconvenience it is balanced the the increased bio security gained.

At breakfast all food and beverages will be supplied following pre-order. Breakfast order forms are to be found in the bedroom and, following completion should be left on the downstairs hall table before 9pm. Any pre-ordered fruit/cereals etc. will be on the guests table when they come down. Cooked foods, tea/coffee will be brought to the table when appropriate. Upon finishing the guest should leave the table whereupon it will be cleared by staff using appropriate protective equipment.

Holiday Cottage/Self-catering.

Reservation contract details and bio safety information will be sent to customers upon booking. Suffice to say that the property will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between bookings.

N.B To facilitate test and trace following departure we require full names, home and email addresses and telephone numbers of all guests prior to arrival. This should be sent to us by email or text., text 07512 759502