Food & Wine

Simple suppers, private dinners, house parties.

Simple suppers for travellers; gourmet dinners for revellers.

For those who are travelling and only require a simple but satisfying supper, eaten either al fresco in the delightful gardens, or in the house, will enjoy the delights of Jacqui’s home cooking. Perhaps accompanied by a glass or two of wine or a cold beer. Advance notice required.

Private dinner parties, house parties, special occasions.

Enjoying good food and wine goes way beyond mere eating and drinking!

The somewhat hedonistic dining room at Edenwater House has seen some wonderfully memorable dinner parties. Anniversaries, birthdays, small weddings, re-unions. Over a gourmet dinner with wines chosen for the occasion conversations have ebbed and flowed. Old friends have re-united, special occasions have been celebrated and memories relived.

The menu and wines are selected after discussion with and agreement by the host. Minimum number for a private dinner is 6 and the maximum 12. The cost of our gourmet dinner is £48.00 per person. Wines according to selection.

For more information on special events and house parties, please go to Event and Offers page.